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Daily Time Management Tips – 1

There are many people who walk through the day without completing any work, and then there are people who are never late on anything, and complete all their work on time. Which group do you fall in? If you are in the latter group then congratulations for being so wise with your time, but if you are in the former group then you need to read further to know how you can manage your time.

You have enough time

If you think 24 hours is less in a day then you are wrong. 24 hours is sufficient for us to conduct our day. Yes, I have included a long sleep as well. If you fail to complete your day’s work before the clock waves the checkered flag then you must be wasting your time.

How many times in a day you get bored, or feel you have nothing to do despite having pending work?

Fight this bad habit! Do not waste your time watching too much television or surfing net for hours. Facebook is good relaxation mechanism, and so is its applications like FarmVille, but do not waste hours, because this will not pay your bills.


Do you have a monthly or weekly planner? Have you listed the important work you need to complete in this week or month? If you do not know where you have to go from here or what you have to do in the coming week or month, then how do you expect yourself to do something? Do what? Figure that first.

To-do list

Not having a to-do list for the day is one of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest, behind our failure to complete the day’s work.


Just having a generic to-do list is as good as having not any. You need to prioritize the things you have to accomplish. Put the most important work on the top of the list, followed by the second most important work, and then move downward in this fashion until your list finishes.

Do not bite too much

This is an age old advice, which people still disregard. Do not bite more than you can chew. Taking too much works will render you unproductive.

Real goal

Be realistic in setting goals. No one around is a superman, if you do not believe this then read the statement many times over till you believe it, as no one here is a superman.